Caroline Fabre did her PhD at the LMB in Cambridge (UK). Her PhD work investigated the genetics and development underlying mechanosensory perception in Drosophila. As an EMBO long-term postdoctoral fellow in Oxford she reported her discovery that flies communicate using substrate-borne vibrations during courtship, thereby becoming a fly biotremologist. Caroline then came back to Cambridge to pursue this avenue of research in the Department of Zoology, as well as to lecture and supervise in Neuroethology.
Stewart Rosell is a Balfour-Browne fund awardee and Ceres-funded researcher,
Eunice Barker is an undergraduate researcher,


Jonathan Lee, MPhil researcher
Kyle Michie, undergraduate researcher and Balfour-Browne fund awardee
Alice Chan, undergraduate researcher

Past members of the Drosophila Biotremology group

  • Edward Roos, Summer student
  • Tom Strudwick, Computer scientist
  • Eleanor McKelvey, Research assistant
  • Antoine Peigne, Master student
  • Monica Vega Hernandez, Postdoctorate researcher
  • lzarne Medina, Research assistant
  • Eugenie Yen, 8-month projec
  • Rebecca Richmond-Smith, 8-month project
  • Rory Fairhead, 8-month project
  • Laura Kruszewski, 8-month project
  • Louisa Sober, 8-month project
  • Paige Walker, 8-month project
  • Fred Benham-Crosswell, 8-month projec
  • Violeta Barquin Pancorbo, summer student
  • Phoebe Tate, Summer student
  • James Gyles, 8-month project

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